Empyrean Classic is the ultimate way to combine value with flexibility, gaining access to the best available market rate prices without compromising on choice.




Market Pricing

Get the best price available at the time of booking. Our immense global buying power provides you with the most suitable aircraft at the most competitive rates on all your charters.

-_Guaranteed Availability

A Wider Choice Of Aircraft

From helicopters and propeller aircraft to private jets and VIP airliners, you have the ultimate choice over the aircraft you use and do not commit yourself to a specific aircraft type or category.

-_No Expiry date

No Peak Days

Fly any day of the year, regardless of popular events or holidays. By not being tied to a limited fleet or even category of aircraft, we have the ability to find you a solution regardless of the time of year.


Ease Of Booking

Simply book a charter with a single message.

-_No Monthly or Membership fees copy (1)

No Monthly Fees

Pay only for what you use, with no unnecessary monthly fees, even if you do not fly.

-_Minimum Commitments

No Minimum Commitment

You will not be tied into any lengthy contract or a minimum level of spend, providing complete control and flexibility.

-_Capped Rate Within Service Area copy

Fully Refundable

You have peace of mind that any unused funds are accessible at any time, penalty free.


Access To The Travel Division

From exclusive hotel stays, private villas, entertainment experiences and more, our travel experts are on hand to fulfill every aspect of your travel requirements.

A businessman was seeking a more flexible, better-value jet card account. Learn more about why the Empyrean Classic Account provided the perfect solution to their requirements.


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    The Empyrean Jet Card opens up a world of flexible travel, with two different types of account.