We organise every aspect of your private aircraft charter from start to finish


Your account manager works with numerous internal and external teams to take care of all the logistical challenges of your charter, from the pre-flight set-up to the post-flight inspection. These services include:

Charter set-up: We will work with the airline, handling agent and airport authorities to finalise every detail, from permit applications and passenger manifests to onboard catering and branding.

Flight representation: Your account manager will ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and can accommodate late alterations like last-minute passenger name changes. We also organise flight reps who will ensure your aircraft is set up to your specifications and leaves in a timely manner.

Post-flight reporting: After each flight, you will receive a post-flight report that details all aspects of your flight. We will follow up on any queries that may arise.

Customer experience feedback: We have a dedicated team of Customer Experience executives who can call you after every flight to gather feedback. They investigate any issues that may have arisen to ensure any improvements are implemented on your next flight with us.


ACS has an in-house 24/7 Operations Team who monitors all flights, provides real-time updates on weather issues, and records airport-related problems such as closures or runway works that may affect your flight. 

This means that we can foresee any adverse weather conditions, aircraft issues or airport troubles that may affect your flight in advance. Your account manager can then proactively address the matter, ensuring minimal or no disruption to your plans.

We will provide you with a report of any delay, or flight diversion if requested.

There are two ways of purchasing charters with an
Air Charter Service Empyrean Card